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Black Friday New Zealand

Year Date
Black Friday 2017 November 24th, 2017
Black Friday 2018 November 23rd, 2018
Black Friday 2019 November 29th, 2019
Black Friday 2020 November 27th, 2020
Event Date
Prime Day July 11th, 2017
Black Friday November 24th, 2017
Cyber Monday November 27th, 2017
Boxing Day December 26th, 2017


The beloved American holiday has officially gone global. Now people from all across the world can get in on one of the biggest and oldest shopping events–all without even having to step foot in the US.

We’ve put in countless hours analyzing anything and everything to do with Black Friday 2017. All that’s left for you to do is make your wish list and take advantage of our curated selection of the best offers out there this year.

Get all the insider information you need to get the best deals this Black Friday, whether it’s your first or fiftieth.

What is Black Friday?

Earning nearly $3.5 billion USD in sales in 2016, Black Friday is by far the US’s biggest shopping event of the year. Taking place just about a month before Christmas, it falls at the ideal moment–just in time to let you cross off all the items on your Christmas present list without breaking the bank!

Although our research traced the concept back to the 1950’s, the numbers reveal that it wasn’t until the 1980’s that it began to truly gain momentum. Since then, it’s clear that both retailers and shoppers have embraced the concept and it has become a regular fixture of the festive period. In the 2000’s, we observed that many retailers started offering increasingly impressive deals and began turning the day into a true shopping extravaganza at their stores with events like extra early opening times, special door crasher deals, and flash sales. The event continues to grow bigger and crazier each year, with many retailers taking advantage of every last minute of the day by starting the sales and opening their doors right at midnight!

Black Friday shopping weekend
Crowds gather outside Macy’s department store November 22, 2012 in New York in advance of the midnight November 23 opening to start the stores’ “Black Friday” shopping weekend. AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA

It’s this part of Black Friday that generally makes headlines around the world. From the dogged motivation of shoppers queuing up in the middle of the night in the freezing cold to the shocking tales of manic crowds once stores finally open their doors, eager shoppers across the globe have long kept a wary but fascinated eye on their American counterparts and the impressive deals they manage to snag.

Yet the stats show that the event has also taken off online and our analysis reveals that many retailers now actually offer deals that are even better than what shoppers can find in store.

Evolution of online shopping during the holiday season
More and more shoppers are also turning online to get their holiday shopping done, with the percentage completed online approaching 50%.

Evolution of online shopping during Black Friday, Cyber monday and Green Monday

What’s more, the creation of Cyber Monday, a spin-off, online-only event just a few days later, has turned the entire weekend into a virtual shopping festival that garnered more than $12 billion last year in the States.

Evolution of the Cyber Monday's sales volume over the past 10 years
The numbers show that Cyber Monday’s rise in popularity has been meteoric. Between these two major events, the end of November has become one of the year’s most lucrative periods.

While we’ve even come across some truly adventurous international shoppers who have gone so far as to plan trips to the US over the holiday weekend, there’s no longer any need to be on American soil to take advantage of the incredible deals: retailers across the globe have jumped on the bandwagon and started offering local versions of Black Friday deals on nearly every continent.

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Everything You Need To Know About Black Friday

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an international shopping event that originated in the United States. Dating back to the 1950s, the day of incredible deals has increased in popularity rapidly over the past few years and is now well on its way to becoming a major event on nearly every continent.

When is Black Friday?

The big day always falls on the fourth Friday of November, which places it approximately a month before Christmas. In 2017, Black Friday will be on the 24th of November. In many countries, it marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season.

Does it start right at midnight?

While some brick-and-mortar stores will open their doors right at midnight on Black Friday, others will wait for a more traditional opening hour. Online, deals will generally go live at midnight and some retailers will refresh them periodically throughout the day. Some stores will even start their sales on Thanksgiving, so it’s crucial to check in during the days leading up to it.

Does Black Friday last all weekend?

While the day itself may technically be limited to twenty-four hours, its spirit has caught on like wildfire and the entire weekend has morphed into a shopaholic’s dream with sales continuing on Saturday, Sunday, and even Monday. Following the success of Cyber Monday, sales have grown steadily across the entire four-day period and savvy shoppers should be on the lookout for great deals all weekend long.

Is Black Friday worth it?

We’ve put the deals from the past few years to the test and analyzed the results to determine whether or not you should wait for Black Friday to buy electronics, clothing, video games, etc. With deals occasionally reaching up to 80% off, Black Friday certainly draws a lot of attention from shoppers worldwide. Even though the majority of the promotions don’t quite reach that level, we have observed that a lot do reach the 40-60% range. One of the most interesting things our research has revealed is that on the big day, we see a full variety of products on deep sale, including top-of-the-line products from leading brands, which we don’t often see discounted at other times during the year.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a follow-up event three days later that is focused entirely on online shopping. It arrived on the scene in 2005 and picked up speed quickly. Alongside Black Friday, the two events bookend one of the year’s biggest weeks of shopping.

Is it better to shop online or in store?

Both online and brick-and-mortar shopping have their pros and cons, but we think that shopping online is smarter for a few reasons. First, our research has shown that many retailers actually offer better deals via their e-commerce platforms than in their stores. Second, shopping online lets you easily purchase from multiple stores in a matter of minutes, all without leaving your couch. Finally, it’s easier to compare promotions online and make sure you’re getting the best deal available on the big day–especially with’s team of experts doing virtually all of the research for you.

What shops are doing Black Friday?

The easiest way to see which shops have Black Friday sales online is to visit your local version of our site. We’ve got lists of all the top brands participating this year around the world as well as information on which stores have free shipping, when Black Friday sales start, and how long the deals are likely to be available.

The origins of the term “Black Friday” are surprisingly a bit murky.  Some people trace the moniker back to Philadelphia in the 1950’s, where each year on the day after Thanksgiving, the streets and sidewalks would become incredibly crowded with people out doing their shopping and watching an important annual football game. As the story goes, this was a busy and stressful moment for the city of Philadelphia and police officers were not allowed to take the day off.  The day consequently began to be described as “Black Friday” in honour of the dense crowds that filled the streets.

Another strong contender for the origins of the term comes from the world of accounting.  When accounts were kept with a pen and paper, red ink was used to record losses and black to record profits.  Black Friday was the glorious day of the year that pulled businesses out of “the red” (the negative) into the “the black” (the positive), as stores finally started to turn a profit on sales for the year.  Whatever the true origin story of the term may be, Black Friday has become an internationally-recognized term for the year’s biggest, craziest day of shopping.