Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the best times to find great deals on games consoles – online and offline. During this shopping season, all gamers are looking for good deals but which one should we go for? Sony’s PS4 or Microsoft’s Xbox?

If you are an avid gamer and looking to purchase the latest consoles at discounted prices, there are several interesting deals available for you. With the new release of the Xbox One S and the PS4 Slim, you can expect better graphical and memory capabilities. Plus, you can also expect to see the next generation of the console’s, XBox Scorpio and PS4 Pro, reported to be released in 2017 and later this year respectively!

So, Xbox or PS4 this Black Friday?

This is a question asked by many when it comes to making a selection between the two powerful consoles.  We did an extra research to learn more about them. We found out that the PS4 console offers a slightly more powerful graphics performance. If you are looking for prettier and sharper images, PlayStation 4 is the best bet for you.

It features a full, high-definition 1920×1080 pixel resolutions, whereas Xbox One runs its games on a slightly lower graphics specs at 1600×900 resolutions. The advanced graphical feature is greatly contributed by the powerful AMD integrated chip that contains 8-core CPU and 18-compute units GPU. Plus, compared to XBox One, the PS4 has smoother frame rates, especially for multi-platform games. For average users, the visual comparisons are not so obvious but for the nitpicky gamers, they would definitely notice it and prefer PS4 over its rival.

Xbox One still has its advantage, though.  It comes with a huge CPU heatsink and a fan that allows users to play for hours and hours without overheating the console. It is also very quiet compared to PS4.

Price wise, both consoles have seen a significant drop in prices since their release in 2013. However, Xbox One comes with a lower price tag, which makes it ideal for new gamers.

Many retailers offered irresistible prices for both game consoles during the festive season sales last year. They were being offered with several popular video game titles that are exclusive to the platform. Below are some of the sales highlights from 2015.

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Last Year’s Info: Best Deals on PS4 for Black Friday 2015

  • Walmart Canada – They offered a bundle of PS4 500GB together with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Bundle and The Last of Us Remastered at a price of about $370, which was a 14% reduction from $430.
  • EB Games Canada – This largest video game retailer in Canada offered good deals on PS4. 500GB PS4 were bundled together with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Bundle, God of Wars 3 Remastered and Thumb Grips, also at $370.
  • Best Buy – According to Huffington Post Ca., this giant retail store provided about $100 of savings with its PlayStation 4 Black Friday deals at $370. The bundle included the hit game Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

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Last Year’s Info: Best Deals on Xbox for Black Friday 2015

  • Walmart Canada – Xbox One 500GB were also on sales last year at a price of about $350 that featured the console together with Gears of Wars Ultimate Edition Bundle and Forza Motorsport 6.
  • EB Games Canada – For about the same price ($350), the store featured an exclusive deal of Xbox One 500GB with Gears of War Ultimate Edition Bundle and The Crew: Wild Run for Black Friday 2015.
  • Microsoft Store – Last year, the store offered not one but several bundle deals – two for Xbox One and four for Xbox 360. Assassin’s Creed Unity Xbox One Bundle was available for $330 and $430 for an additional Kinect. Xbox 360 500GB was also on sale for $200 which included Call of Duty: Ghosts and Black Ops 2.

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What Is In Store for Gamers for Black Friday 2016?

If PS4 and Xbox One/360 became a major hit in 2015, gaming enthusiasts can look forward to cheaper deals for PS4 and Xbox One this year. On top of that, we predict that older consoles such as PS3 and Wii U will also be heavily discounted – up to $200 price cut. There should also be additional bundle deals this year for the newer consoles like Xbox One S and PS4 Slim.

XBox One S is a smaller version of Xbox One and it fits well with the lower-end market, thanks to its more reasonable price tag. The new console supports HDR gaming, which is nice for blockbuster video games like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of Wars 4. PS4 Slim is also the skinnier and budget-friendly version of PlayStation 4. It is less bulky and comes with lower power consumption.

According to, 500GB Xbox One S Bundles can go as low as $300 including a gift card for Black Friday 2016. PlayStation 4 Slim consoles are expected to be on sale for $299. If you are a big fan of virtual-reality gaming, you can look forward to PlayStation VR sales deals at a price that starts from $500.

The Next-Gen Consoles – Will they be included in This Year’s Sales?

The two giant companies, Microsoft and Sony, have also announced their latest next-generation consoles – Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro. While the latter is already available for pre-order for $499, the former is still under development.

PS4 Pro has been designed to support 4K Ultra HD contents. If you are a big fan of 4K HDR and Virtual Reality gaming, you should be excited about this!  Since the Pro version is still a relatively new product (it will be made available in Canada on November 10th), we don’t think it will be offered at any discounted price for this upcoming sales.

Microsoft is also getting ready to release a new console called Scorpio.  Recently revealed at E3, Microsoft announced that it will contain enhanced hardware and software to compete with PS4 and its Pro model. There is no set price yet for the new Sony game console but rumour has it that it should cost in the range of $500 to $600 and should hit the shelves sometime during the 2017’s holiday season!

Top Pre-Black Friday Deals for PS4 & Xbox 2016

So, where can you get the best deals on PS4 and Xbox for this upcoming shopping season? There are quite a number of options. If you would like to steer away from the chaos of in-store shopping, what with the packed parking lots and long lines, following are the best Black Friday online deals for you to grab while wearing pyjamas and chilling on your couch.

  • BestBuy Canada will kick-off its online sales on the Nov 25th and the sales will continue until Cyber Monday.
  • Walmart Canada sales will start on November 25th at midnight and will last for three days.
  • You can choose either to shop in-store at Staples on Friday at 8 am or grab the best online deals on November 25th.
  • Macys will start its online sales at 12 am on Thursday and open the doors of its brick-and-mortar stores as early as 5 pm on the Thanksgiving Eve.
  • Black Friday Discount to get the best deals in one place. Time is precious during Black Friday!

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Have a Happy Black Friday!