Physical and online retailers are fighting tooth and nail to win your hard earned dollar. But whether it’s Amazon, Walmart, or another retailer, all you the consumer should worry about is where to get the best deals. After all, the whole purpose of Black Friday is to save money, isn’t it?

Physical Stores

We’ve all seen the clambering crazy scenes as shops open their doors to expectant Black Friday shoppers. Indeed, while recent statistics show that shoppers are migrating towards buying their products online, shopping events like Black Friday do show that there is some life in the old dog yet. While online shopping is more convenient, a healthy portion of shoppers will still spend their money in physical shops.

Walmart is, of course, the big one to watch. In Canada, their pre-Black Friday sale has already produced some interesting savings, such as a 55 inch Samsung Smart TV for just over $1,000. The site claims that they are “out of stock online”, but this may be a tactic to encourage people to physically shop in-store. Why? Because shoppers are more likely to be tricked into impulse buys when in that environment.

Sure, there will be decent deals there, but online retailers can clearly offer better discounts due to lower overheads, and so that’s where the best Black Friday deals will be found.

Online Retailers

One of the biggest advantages of shopping online is that it is time efficient. But on Black Friday, you can add “safer” to the list of good reasons to stay indoors. Physical stores are chaotic on Black Friday, with thousands of people trying to get to desired items. Of course, shopping online is cheaper, but it also helps consumers avoid the crowd, allowing them to order products from the comfort of their own homes.

Amazon is clearly the big contender when it comes to Black Friday Deals this year, with an estimated 83% of shoppers intending to shop on Amazon during this period. Even their Black Friday Week sale can beat most physical retailers, and that’s before the big day arrives. It’s not uncommon to see discounts upwards of 60% on Black Friday itself.

Price Comparison Sites

With so many sites competing on Black Friday, knowing where to find the best deal can be almost impossible; and as we’ve highlighted, this is an issue even when sticking to just one single retailer such as Amazon.

Thankfully, there are a number of great deal comparison websites out there (like us) which helps consumers find the genuinely lowest price for any given product. This will compare deals offered by Walmart, Amazon and other great brands, but more than this, it will also list every major Black Friday’s online retailer doing ensuring that you find the lowest price possible.

Not long to go now, so cut down on time searching through listings, and use BFD to get that bargain you’ve always wanted!