We love WalMart! With their low prices every day, awesome rollbacks and great weekly flyer events, how could you not love them? And we’re anticipating even more to love when they begin their Black Friday sales. You’ll want to keep an eye on the flyers, and also pay regular visits WalMart.ca to check out the deals. They’re already offering daily discounts in anticipation of the big WalMart Black Friday event that begins on November 27. Just as an example, on November 19, Walmart was offering an 8gb Galaxy 4 for just $149!


WalMart Canada hasn’t told us yet what they have in store for the actual Black Friday weekend itself, but generally speaking, as it goes in the United States, so it goes in Canada, more or less. In the US, WalMart is promising to offer doorcrasher deals, and expects to offer most of the same deals online. This means that online shoppers can actually get an even earlier jump on great deals. Will this be the case in Canada? We think it probably will.

Tough Competition

This year, leading into Black Friday and beyond, retailers are going to be competing furiously for your business. The economy is chugging along, but realistically, with the downturn in the oil industry, families are feeling a pinch. Layoffs in the Alberta oil sands and the various spin-off industries means less disposable income for many people, so retailers have to make it well worth your while to buy from them. It’s probably safe to predict that WalMart will start off the Black Friday weekend with a bang, and continue to offer great discounts as Christmas approaches. This is, after all, a crucial period for the retail industry, with the November and December accounting for usually a full 20% of the annual profit.

What’s Trending?

It looks as though the big thing this year is going to be anything related to the new Star Wars movie. Toys and collectibles are hot, hot, hot! What does that mean? Well, think about it – what would you do, if you were a major retailer? That’s right – you probably wouldn’t offer much in the way of discounts on something that you know consumers are going to willingly pay a premium price for. On the other hand, you might see a doorcrasher event. We’re not predicting one way or another on this one.

We feel safe, though, in predicting great deals on electronics and home entertainment. These are typically high-markup items, so Walmart, like other retailers, will probably be offering some really good deals for Black Friday and well into the holiday season.

Happy Black Friday, Canada!

If you love to shop (and who doesn’t?), and you really appreciate a great deal, then keep your eyes on WalMart. The pre-Black Friday savings are already underway, and we anticipate that the discounts on many items will get deeper and deeper as the big weekend approaches.