Okay, okay, not exactly “shocking”, but Staples has just released details on their latest deals – And I’m already clambering for my wallet. The biggest problem I have with Black Friday is that there are just so many great deals on offer from numerous retailers and online sellers, it can be difficult to know where to shop. But with these latest offerings, Staples is seriously tempting me to part with my hard-earned cash. Tablets, notebooks, even an IPS LED Monitor for just $89 have already been advertised: Savings on normally expensive items are going to be drastic, in the best possible way.

Huge Black Friday Savings

All of these items will be listed at heavily discounted prices from the 27th of November, and once they’re gone, they’re gone; so get a real bargain while you can. Don’t believe me? Well, first, I’m a little hurt by that, second, here’s your proof – take a look at these top 4 Black Friday deals available at Staples (keep an eye on their website for when the sale begins):

#1 16GB Kingston USB Flash Drive

This flash drive will be available for just $5! That’s a crazy deal, and what’s crazier is that it’s a Kingston flash drive. A quality product from a quality manufacturer. Perfect for storing all of your photos and videos and transferring them whenever you need. The Data Traveller line of USB sticks has a great reputation for reliability and performance, and this little beauty is no different. Backup your files with confidence! To get this deal as soon as it goes live, visit the Staples’ Black Friday Deals page.

#2 Save $150 on Apple MacBook Pro

Perfect for computing on the go, this laptop has a dazzling 13.3-inch retina display, providing crystal clear clarity on all games, photos and videos. What can we say about Apple’s laptops? They are the best in the business and can handle even the most intense applications. If the retina model is out of your price range, Staples are also discounting the MacBook Air and the standard MacBook Pro, so there’s plenty to choose from this Black Friday. All of these are listed on Staples’ Black Friday page. Get in there before anyone else does!

#3 $30 off Fitbit Flex & Sleep Wristband

Wearable tech is all the rage, and Staples are enticing many people into adopting this technology with their Black Friday discounts. The Fitbit Flex is a great example. Its sleek black design is futuristic yet stylish and is compatible with a range of smartphone apps which will help you to monitor the number of calories you’re burning during a workout and the amount of quality sleep you’re achieving each night. A great deal for those who want to get in shape, check it out now!

#4 7-Inch Tablet for Under $90

Even I’m shocked by this one, and I read about Black Friday deals every day. I never thought I’d see the day that a branded 7-inch tablet would be available for this sort of price. The Acer Iconia comes complete with IPS technology for a perfect display. Its Dual Core 1.2GHz processor is more than a match for most games and apps. With a front facing camera you can Skype to your heart’s content, or why not watch your favourite movie in 720p HD? For this price, you can’t go wrong! Buy this tablet as soon as the Black Friday Deals go live.

Staples Are Contenders this Black Friday

Online retailers are competing ferociously for consumer’s hard earned money this Black Friday. Staples is fighting hard and is a real contender this year. But you need to make sure you are genuinely getting the best deal possible, so head over to our deal page where we list all the best deals for your desired product and let you know which one is the cheapest. Call it our early Black Friday present to you. No need to thank us, now get shopping!