Interested in what Sears has to offer on Black Friday 2017? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Active in Canada since 1952, Sears is one of the original North American department store chains. With a strong presence all over Canada thanks to their stores and extensive online shopping platform, Sears offers a great selection of Black Friday deals.

Keeping with department store tradition, Sears’ product lines touch virtually every category. From apparel to electronics, to home decor and tools, Sears has a great mix of brands like Nike, Sony, La-Z-Boy, and Craftsman. Do have a question (or two)? All good, we’ve got the answers to some of the most popular questions at the bottom of the page…


Does Sears have Black Friday deals?

Yes! Sears has participated in Black Friday for years. Last year, they even celebrated it twice: once in November and once after Canadian Thanksgiving in October.

When is Sears’ Black Friday sale?

This fall, we expect Sears to do what they did last year: a double set of sales! You’ll have the option to celebrate Black Friday with the rest of the world in November or take advantage of the exclusive Canadian event in October. Either way, we’re predicting that the deals for both sales will last for the whole weekend.

Which are better, Sears’ Black Friday sales online or in-store?

You can’t really go wrong. Sears offers great in-store and online sales. That said, we prefer to shop online as we’ve found the product availability to be a touch better and there are often a number of great online-only sales.

How does Sears’ Black Friday work?

Sears generally stretch their sale out over the whole weekend. With a ton of stores and a nice website, you’ll have the option to order online or shop in-person. We usually dig up info about some of the best deals in advance, so check in regularly to plan out your shopping.

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