Sears is a multi-channel retailer with a strong presence all over Canada thanks to their hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores, widely distributed catalogue, and extensive online shopping platform. Headquartered in Toronto, the company has been active for over half a century, since 1952. Following in the great department store tradition, their product lines touch virtually every category, from apparel to electronics, and home goods to tools. The company also operates a number of services such as travel planning, hairdressing, and income tax services, many of which are available both in-store and online.


Does Sears have Black Friday deals?

Yes! Sears has participated in Black Friday for years now, and last year they even celebrated it twice: once in late November, and once in October after Canadian Thanksgiving.

When is Sears’ Black Friday sale?

This fall, we expect Sears to follow the same pattern they did last year: a double set of sales! Celebrate with the rest of the world on November 24th or take advantage of the exclusively Canadian event starting October 5th. For both cases, we expect the deals to last for the whole weekend.

Which are better, Sears’ Black Friday sales online or in-store?

Each option has its pros and cons, but we have generally found the Black Friday deals are better online, both because of the greater availability of products and the longer sales period, especially once you factor in the online-only deals we see on Cyber Monday.

How does Sears’ Black Friday work?

At Sears, the sale stretches out over the whole weekend. You can order online or shop in person. Generally we’ll be able to find out about a few of the top deals in advance so you can plan out your shopping.

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