Newegg is an international retailer specialising in consumer electronics and hardware. The company was founded in the United States in 2001 and has grown to be one of the largest in the market today. With sites in the US, Canada, China, and Taiwan, Newegg is a true global player. In addition, the online retailer also runs several other websites including a few specialty sites dealing with computer parts and automotive products, as well as one dedicated to video game news and reviews. Their name, centred around the concept of an egg as a type of birth or new beginning, is meant to symbolise their intention to renew innovation in the e-Commerce sector.


Does Newegg do Black Friday?

Yes! Last year Newegg Canada even turned the occasion into a full 10-day extravaganza of deals.

When are Newegg’s Black Friday deals?

If they follow the same plan as in 2016, Newegg’s sale will run the last 10 days of November, starting on the Monday before the big day.

Are Newegg’s Black Friday deals on electronics lower quality?

No! The deals this November will be on the same high-quality, brand-name products they sell all year. Don’t miss the opportunity to snag a new smartphone, laptop, scanner, etc. on deep discount!

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: which one is better at Newegg?

The entire period is a big deal on Newegg: they combine both events into one long sale with the deals changing and being added regularly throughout.

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