What can you expect on Black Friday 2017 from NCIX? First, let’s remind ourselves who they are. NCIX is a Canadian-run electronics retailer. Founded in 1996 in BC, the company has now expanded across the country and a built a strong online presence. With their large portfolio of retail stores and a well-stocked website, NCIX has grown into one of the biggest electronics players in Canada.

NCIX offers a wide variety of consumer electronics like smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles in addition to a full selection of computer parts and software. With brands like Samsung, HP, Microsoft, and more, you should definitely take a look at what NCIX has to offer if you’re on the hunt for tech this Black Friday. Any questions? Awesome, we’ve got your answers at the bottom of the page…


Does NCIX do Black Friday?

Yes, they do! NCIX has been a part of Black Friday and Cyber Monday for past several years. We would be absolutely floored if that changed this year.

When is NCIX’s Black Friday?

While Black Friday officially lasts a mere 24 hours, NCIX has decided that to turn the event into a full week of deals. Last year, their sales ran from Black Friday until the end of the month (with certain offers being “rebooted” on their online store).

Should I shop NCIX’s Black Friday sale online or in store?

NCIX offers a number of in-store doorbusters and online-only sales. While it depends on the product, we’ve found that you can find most of the in-store sales online as well. The difference is that the product availability appears to be a bit better online. When you combine that with exclusive online-only deals, Cyber Monday, and the time savings, you can understand why we recommend shopping online this Black Friday.

Does NCIX have free shipping on Black Friday?

Based on their sales over the past few years, we’re predicting that you’ll see free shipping offered on orders above a certain amount (and under 25 lbs).


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