Lowe’s is a North American retailer specialising in home improvement. After over half a century of success in the US, they expanded internationally, opening stores in Canada and Mexico in the 2000s. In Canada, expansion efforts moved quickly, and just a decade later there are more than 30 stores in Ontario and in Western Canada. With everything you need to work on and decorate your home inside and out, Lowe’s range of products covers kitchen items, flooring, hardware, furniture… plus all of the tools you need to help you install it all.


Does Lowe’s do Black Friday?

Yes! Coming from the States, Lowe’s is well-familiar with the concept of Black Friday and has participated in the Canadian festivities for several years now.

When does Lowe’s Black Friday sale start?

If last year’s sale is any indication, Lowe’s will start making deals available as early as the day before the big event this year, on Thursday, November 23rd.

Does Lowe’s Black Friday sale last all weekend?

Even better than all weekend, last year, Lowe’s sales continued for an entire week! We predict a similarly impressive showing this November.

Lowe’s Black Friday sales online vs in-store: which are better?

Each option has its pros and cons, but we have generally found the Black Friday deals are better online, both because of the greater availability of products and the longer sales period, especially once you factor in the online-only deals we see on Cyber Monday.

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