What does Lowe’s have lined up for their Black Friday 2017 sale? It’s time to find out. With over half a century of success, Lowe’s is one of North America’s top home improvement retailers. They expanded to Canada in the 2000s and, just a decade later, have opened more than 30 stores around the country.

Lowe’s has almost everything you need to work on and decorate your home (inside and out) from brands like Dewalt, LG, and Black and Decker. With a range of products that includes kitchen items, flooring, hardware, furniture, and all of the tools you’ll need to install it, Lowe’s has become a destination for Canadians looking to upgrade their homes. Have a question for us? Perfect, we’ve got some answers to the most common questions at the bottom of the page…


Does Lowe’s do Black Friday?

Yes! Coming from the States, Lowe’s is very familiar with the concept of Black Friday. It’s no surprise that they have participated in the Canadian version for several years now.

When does Lowe’s Black Friday sale start?

If last year’s sale is any indication, you should start seeing deals become available as early as the day before Black Friday.

Does Lowe’s Black Friday sale last all weekend?

Lowe’s does a bit better than all weekend. In the past, Lowe’s sales have continued for an entire week! We don’t think that anything will change this year, so buckle up for seven days of great deals.

Lowe’s Black Friday sales online vs in-store: which are better?

You’ll be able to snag some fantastic deals in-store and online. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may want to pop by a store to take a look at the products in-person. However, if you know what you want, you’re likely to find better availability and some additional online-only sales on their website.

Here’s a protip (which we may or may not have recycled): We’d recommend going to a store a week or two before Black Friday to check out the products that you’re interested in then wait until Black Friday to buy them online.


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