What is The Home Depot up to for Black Friday 2017? Here’s everything that you need to know. If you’ve ever tried to make some changes to your place, you probably know The Home Depot. The global retailer that specializes in home improvement has stores all over our great country, which makes renovations just a tiny bit easier. With such a strong presence here, us Canadian shoppers have the option to choose to visit one of their many retail locations or order what we need online.

At The Home Depot, you’ll find any and every product that you might need for your next DIY project. With a full range of tools, appliances, and building materials from brands like Toyota, Stihl, and Dewalt, you’ll probably find what you need to make your renovation dream a reality. In case you’d rather leave it to the professionals, The Home Depot also offers tool rental and installation services. Got a question? Great, we’ve got your answer at the bottom of the page…


Will The Home Depot have Black Friday deals?

Yes! The Home Depot has put on some impressive sales over the past few years. We expect that 2017 will be no exception.

When do The Home Depot’s Black Friday sales start?

This year, it’s looking like The Home Depot’s Black Friday deals will begin early Thursday evening (a little bit earlier than many other retailers).

Which is better: The Home Depot’s Black Friday sales online or in-store?

If you know what you want, online is far and away the best way to shop this Black Friday. With better product availability and some online-only sales (including Cyber Monday), buying online saves you time and money. But, if you want to try out the products in-person or get some helpful advice, we would recommend checking out the in-store sales.

Here’s a protip: Go to the store a week or two before Black Friday to see the products that you’re interested in then wait until Black Friday to buy them online.

Are The Home Depot’s Black Friday deals lower quality?

Nope! The deals will be on Home Depot’s usual brand-name products that they sell all year long.


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