What should expect from Henry’s Black Friday Sale? Before we get to that, let’s clarify who we’re dealing with. Now over a century old, Henry’s has grown into the country’s largest independent photography retailer. With stores all across Canada, Henry’s has become a retail staple for new and experienced photographers alike. It should come as no surprise that Henry’s is a must-see for photographers looking for some new gear.

As a specialist in anything and everything to do with photography, Henry’s has a fantastic selection of cameras, lenses, drones, action cameras, lighting, printers, and accessories from all the major brands like Canon, Nikon, and Fuji. Traditionally, you’ll be able to find some great Black Friday deals that last all weekend long. Don’t forget about Cyber Monday though! Henry’s also offers some awesome online-only deals then as well. Feel like something isn’t clear? That’s okay, we’ve got the answers to your questions at the bottom of the page…


Will Henry’s have Black Friday sales?

Yep! You can expect to see some great discounts on their photography products.

Does Henry’s Black Friday sale last all weekend?

Yes, it does. You should be able to find some awesome deals all weekend long. As Black Friday keeps getting bigger and bigger, we’re predicting that some of Henry’s sales may even start a bit early this year.

Are Henry’s camera Black Friday deals lower quality?

No way. Henry’s deals cover the products that they sell regularly, making this a great opportunity to score fantastic discounts on name-brand cameras and photography accessories.

Does Henry’s have free shipping on Black Friday?

Yes, Henry’s offers free shipping on all orders over $99.

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