B&H Photo is an American retailer specialising in photo and video equipment. In addition to being one of the largest retailers in the market in the United States, B&H Photo’s products are accessible almost everywhere in the world thanks to their extensive international shipping, including free Canadian shipping on orders over $99.

The company started out in the 1970s as a family-owned “mom and pop” store in New York and today has grown have a customer base of over 5,000 daily visits in its New York superstore and more than 12 million monthly visits to their website. They are known for having an exhaustive stock of products ranging from the latest high-resolution monitors getting a lot of industry buzz to rare, hard-to-find lenses.


Does B&H Photo do Black Friday sales?

Yes! Deals will be available both in-store and online and last year, B&H had some of the best of the season.

When is B&H Photo’s Black Friday?

Last year, the deals started a day early on Thursday and continued all weekend right through to the end of Cyber Monday.

Does B&H Photo offer free shipping on Black Friday?

While they didn’t offer free international shipping on all orders last year, they do offer free Canadian shipping on orders about $99, which we expect to see continue throughout the big event.

Are B&H Photo’s Black Friday camera deals lower quality?

No! The deals this November will be on the same high-quality, brand-name products they sell all year. Don’t miss the opportunity to snag a new camera, lens, monitor, or Mac on deep discount!

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