Best Buy is a North American retailer specialising in consumer electronics big and small. Created originally as a music speciality shop in Minnesota in 1966, the company rebranded in 1983 and later crossed the borders into Canada and Mexico. Currently, the firm has nearly 200 stores across Canada.

Best Buy has a particularly strong online presence and has often led the way in pioneering new e-Commerce initiatives. In addition to offering a full range of products for both personal and professional use, they also have a dedicated staff of “Geek Squad” members to help customers make the right choice for them.


What can I expect from Best Buy’s Black Friday deals?

Every year, Best Buy’s promotions are some of the most hotly-anticipated deals of the season. Last year the deals covered a range of products from televisions half off to steeply-discounted household appliances.

What time do Best Buy’s Black Friday deals start?

For the past few years, Best Buy has started its sale at precisely 12:01AM online, and at 6AM in stores.

Which are better, Best Buy’s Black Friday sales online or in-store?

Each option has its pros and cons, but we have generally found the Black Friday deals are better online, both because of the greater availability of products and the longer sales period, especially once you factor in the online-only deals we see on Cyber Monday.

Are Best Buy’s electronics deals lower quality on Black Friday?

No! The deals this November will be on the same high-quality, brand-name products they sell all year. Don’t miss the opportunity to snag a new smartphone, laptop, scanner, etc. on deep discount!

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