What kind of sales is Amazon offering on Black Friday 2017? Now, hold on a minute. We’ll get there. As you know, Amazon is the e-commerce pioneer that started selling books online in 1994 and, nowadays, sells just about everything. Known for their excellent customer service and fast delivery, Amazon is almost always worth checking out if you’re shopping online.

They boast a massive inventory of products (seriously, you can buy all your electronics, clothes, appliances, and whatever else you need here) that they occasionally like to put on sale. Good news: you’ll be able to find Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on Amazon this year! That’s before mentioning their own mini-Black Friday, Prime Day. Don’t get too excited though, you’ll have to wait (sorry). If you’re a real go-getter, you can go set a reminder in your calendar for July 2018. With millions of products, quick delivery, and some great Black Friday deals, you’d be silly not to take a look at what Amazon has to offer. Any questions? That’s okay, we’ve got your answers at the bottom of the page…

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Does Amazon do Black Friday?

You betcha! It wasn’t long ago that some people wondered if Amazon would still take part in Black Friday after they introduced Prime Day. Deep breaths. It’s fine. The online retail giant will still offer some fantastic Black Friday deals.

When does Amazon’s Black Friday start?

While the “real” Black Friday sales officially start at midnight, Amazon has been expanding the range of its Black Friday promotions over the past few years. This year, you should start to see deals showing up as early as November 1.

Does Amazon’s Black Friday sale last all weekend?

You know it. Not only will deals be available all weekend long, they will probably last well into the following week (which Amazon dubs, “Cyber Monday Week”). They’re known for flash sales and refreshed product listings, so check back regularly to make sure that you don’t miss out.

Are Amazon’s deals on electronics lower quality?

Nope, the deals that we’ve seen are on the same brand-name products that they sell regularly. That’s why Black Friday is a great chance to get a killer deal on a new smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Does Amazon have free shipping on Black Friday?

Amazon is famous for free shipping, so you’ll have the option on most products. If you’re impatient, you can also pay for expedited shipping. To make sure that you’ll have access to free shipping on Black Friday, why not sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime?


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