The popularity of online holiday shopping is continuing to grow in Canada. According to Accenture, 40% of us will do most of our shopping online this year. The majority of people will still shop in-store but the gap between the two is closing quickly. On Black Friday, a mere 40% of Canadians plan to travel to a store to check out the sales. It’s not a big surprise given that we’ve found that the prices are often better online than they are in-store.

The rise of online holiday shopping

Canadians are shopping for holiday gifts online like never before. Well, that’s what Accenture (a big consulting firm) found during their holiday shopping survey. When it comes to general holiday shopping, Accenture’s study found that the majority (47%) of us will still do most of our shopping at the mall. The gap is closing though (and fast). 40% of us will do the bulk of our shopping online this year. That’s a pretty small gap compared to five years ago. It’s easy to see why many expect online holiday shopping to catch up sooner rather than later.

The other data in their survey seems to support that idea too. Canadians doing their holiday shopping online is up 5% over last year while those using mobile devices (like smartphones and tablets) to shop on-the-go is up by 100%. Shopping with social media has even increased by 33%. On top of that, almost half of Canadian consumers watch review videos on YouTube to help them make decisions on what product to buy while a big bunch of us (42%) take a look at what people are saying on Facebook as well. It’s pretty obvious that shopping is moving online. That’s why it’s not a big surprise that physical in-store shopping is down by 11%.

There is a limit to our love of technology though. While Canadians embraced using tech to shop, we were far less open to futuristic delivery options. Only 34% of us would be up to having our purchases delivered by a drone. We’ll get there one day, just not today.

What about Black Friday?

When it comes to Black Friday (and Boxing Day), only 40% of Canadians plan to go to a physical store to find deals. It makes sense. We’ve taken a look and found that the prices (and availability) are better online than in-store. So, why not stay home and get all the same deals from the comfort of your own home? It seems like a bit of a no-brainer. Safe to say that we didn’t find this trend to be a shocking revelation.

Anyway, if you’ve got some spare time and want to get all the details, you can read more from the Accenture report here…