We’ve found some great Herschel Supply Co. Black Friday deals at Altitude Sports. Let’s be honest, we’ve all got stuff to carry. It’s always nice when you can do it in style. Vancouver-based Herschel Supply Co. is famous for its simple yet great looking bags, backpacks, wallets, and other accessories. Whether you’re looking for a casual weekend backpack or some carry on luggage, Herschel is a Canadian brand you should take a look at. Herschel stuff doesn’t go on sale too often either. So, these Black Friday deals are definitely worth a look.

Herschel Backpack on a Rock


Duffle Bags

Wallets & Luggage

My Picks

My favourite deal from the Herschel Supply Co. Black Friday sale is the one on the Little America backpacks. They may be some of Herschel’s more expensive backpacks but they’re also some of their best-looking (in my opinion). Its classic design gives it a timeless look. That means you should be able to wear it year-after-year. An added bonus is that you won’t be embarrassed to show your grandkids pictures of you from 2017. That 20% discount (which comes out to between $22 and $26 off) makes it much easier on your wallet (which are also on sale, in case you need one) as well.

When it comes to the more affordable deals, I really like the offer on the Heritage backpacks. While not as big as the Little America backpacks, the Heritage backpacks give you more than enough room to carry around most of the stuff you’d need on an average day and let you look good doing it. On the pricing side of things, they’re really affordable with this Black Friday discount. I think you’d be in tough to find a better backpack for the price.

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