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The Best Black Friday Monitor Deals of 2017

Are you in Canada and looking for a brand new monitor this Black Friday? Lucky you. You’re in the right spot. With so many Black Friday deals out there, we understand how irritating it can be to sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly while trying to find the perfect deal. That’s why we’ve taken care of the searching and filtering for you.

For weeks, our tech-lovers have been “monitoring” the internet for the best Black Friday deals. The result is this comprehensive collection of monitor sales that cuts straight to the chase. Great deals, no fluff. Sometimes, all that you need to know about a monitor is how great your movies will look. That’s why our team eliminated the useless jargon and focused on finding you the top deals on monitors. Whether it’s from Samsung, LG, BenQ, or Acer, if it’s a good monitor, you’ll find it here at a jaw-dropping price.