The Best Black Friday PS4 Deals of 2017

Welcome to the home of Black Friday 2017’s best PS4 deals in Canada. Being a gamer is expensive nowadays, so we’ve done you a solid and found all the hottest sales. Feed your PlayStation Network addiction with some once-a-year sales on Assassin’s Creed Origins, Star Wars Battlefront, and FIFA 18 or get an extra controller so your friend can, you know, actually play when they come over to hang out. Either way, we’ve got the must-see deals of the season that will get you playing for less.

This Black Friday, we’ve assembled a team of gamers to take your Black Friday to the next level. We’ve spent months bribing them with a brand-new TV and extra at work play time to keep them motivated to find you all the best deals. Honestly, we’re not sure that they needed all of that. What’s better for our PS4 junkies than finding the latest and greatest deals and sharing them with their friends (that’s you, by the way)? Everyone saves some money and there are more people to play against online. Anyway, with these incredible offers, you will now be able to expand your game library without having to worry about whether you’ll be able to pay the electricity bill. Whether you’re looking for a solo open-world epic like Horizon Zero Dawn, to outdrive your friends in Gran Turismo, or to go on an Uncharted treasure hunt, our team has found the sales that promise to keep you (and them) peeled to your TV until February. So, what are you waiting for?