The age-old fight of Black Friday vs Cyber Monday continues to this day. So, we’re putting this debate to bed once and for all. The reality is that Cyber Monday has become an extension of Black Friday. So, while the deals on each day are different, they (overall) will offer similar savings. The one big plus for Cyber Monday is that you’ll be able to get those deals from the comfort of your own home.

It’s so easy to get lured in by flashy doorbuster sales that promise the lowest prices of the year. On the other hand, Cyber Monday sales can be even more tempting as stores declare that it’s your “last chance” to bag some bargains before the holidays.

But, the question remains, are these shopping holidays that different? Which one is really better?

Let’s start with Black Friday…

Black Friday marks the official start to the Christmas shopping season. It gives us shoppers a chance to get an early start on our shopping before the holiday rush. Still, the first image that comes to the minds of many of us when talking about Black Friday is a long queue of people standing outside in the cold waiting for the store’s doors to open. Long line-ups outside big stores like Best Buy and Staples are not a new phenomenon. It’s been around from the very beginning. Remember, Black Friday started as a pure offline, in-store shopping event. As time has gone on, more and more of us are doing our shopping online. Now many retail stores have the same fantastic deals online as they do in-store. So, sometimes there’s not a huge downside to avoiding the crowds by shopping at home.

How about Cyber Monday?

As more deals move online, Cyber Monday continues to catch up with (or even surpass) Black Friday. As the name suggests, Cyber Monday was made for those of us who prefer to shop online (hence the “cyber” part). It takes place on the Monday right after Black Friday. Starting back in 2005 when online shopping just began to take off, Cyber Monday tends to be the time when people shop for themselves or when unlucky shoppers who missed out on the Black Friday deals get some nice discounts.

A new (old) player has entered the game: Boxing Day

Before we get too caught up in the Black Friday vs Cyber Monday debate, let’s not forget about Canada’s traditional shopping holiday, Boxing Day. Over the past five years, we’ve observed a shift in shopping habits on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day. It seems that Black Friday has begun stealing the spotlight from Boxing Day while Cyber Monday has also emerged to take a bit more of the focus away from Boxing Day. Really, it’s Black Friday vs Cyber Monday vs Boxing Day battling for our hard earned cash.

According to IPG Media, over 75% of Canadian shoppers prefer Black Friday to Boxing Day since we are becoming more cautious to not overspend after Christmas. The question remains though: are deals on these three retail holidays really that different? We don’t think so. Generally, it seems to be more of a question of timing than anything. With the holiday frenzy out of the way, Boxing Day is the day where shoppers can finally treat themselves to the gifts they really wanted. That’s why it’s far from extinct in Canada.

All in all, it’s clear that Black Friday’s momentum is not going to die off anytime soon. With Black Friday’s online shift turning Black Friday and Cyber Monday into one long shopping weekend, who know’s where we will be in a year from now? How about a Black Friday month?