The popularity of Black Friday in Canada has been soaring over the years. Over the past 10 years, Google Trends shows how each year the interest in ‘Black Friday’ flawlessly topples the previous years. Along with this great increase in popularity, numbers also prove the diversity of Canada, even on Black Friday.

For more than 10 years, Shopbot has been analyzing Canadian shopping behavior with emphasis on demographics and consumer interests. Shopbot’s data from the past Black Friday events reveal certain differences when it comes to shopping behavior per province in terms of percentage of consumers interested in shopping online and their favourite category. Here are some of our key findings:

Ontarians are all for Smartphones

With a staggering 46% ontarians shopping online last Black Friday, we can say with certainty that the highest online shopping interest in Canada is from Ontario. The most popular category was smartphones and the winner being the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge last year.  In 2015, NCIX offered the best deals on smartphones in Canada. We are sure that they will do it this year as well.

It’s Tablets all the way for Quebecers

26% Quebecers shopped online on Black Friday last year. Quebecers have a whopping interest in shopping online as well and looks like they love tablets as iPads was the most favourite product last year! The best tablet deals were offered by last year. We are sure they have better deals lined up on tablets this year as well!


British Columbia: All in for Digital Cameras

15% british colombians shopped online on Black Friday in 2015. There are a lot of photographers out there in British Columbia! The most popular category was Digital Cameras and Nikon Cool pix L330 won the heart of people to capture the best moments of their life. The best deal was offered by Staples Canada on Black Friday last year and they are now prepping up for 2016 early Black Friday deals!

Albertans just love watching TV

Alberta – 11% shopped online on Black Friday.Seems like that the albertans love to watch Game of Thrones on Big LCD HD screens! and that’s why the most popular category was LCD TV last year. The most favourite product was LG65 LCD TV and the best deal was offered by Newegg Ca and we hope that they will do it this year as well.

Manitobans go the Smartphone way!

Far, but not that small, 7% manitobans shopped online on Black Friday. Manitobans  love to own the latest gadgets! Smartphone is the most interesting category and Sony Xperia Z5 was the most favourite product last year. The best deal was offered by Wayfair Canada on Black Friday.

Taking a step further we also noted that when it comes to Quebec where Quebec’s Black Friday a.k.a ‘Vendredi Noir’ we see the most significant jump in popularity with a 22% increase in Quebec traffic on Shopbot from 2012 to 2015. We see this trend continuing in 2016 in the whole retail sector. With this increase comes an increase in a new category of “Espresso Machines” for Quebec.

Overall, the ‘electronic frenzy’ is seen nationwide whether it’s smartphones, smart TVs, latest action cameras or the most beloved android or apple tablets; All of Canada loves its gadgets and so do we!