To no one’s surprise, we Canadians all shop a little differently. Ontarians and Manitobans love smartphones, Quebec is into tablets, BC likes cameras, and Albertans are big TV people. Safe to say that Canada has a thing for gadgets on Black Friday.

The popularity of Black Friday in Canada has been growing steadily over the past few years. We’re not just making this up. Google Trends shows how our interest in Black Friday has been on the uptick each year for the past 13 years. Don’t believe us? Here, check it out. Okay, so Black Friday has gotten big, but what are the Black Friday shopping trends?

It’s safe to say that we’ve been around for awhile, so we know a little something about Canadians’ shopping behaviour. This ain’t our first Black Friday either, so you should know that we’ve got a bunch of info on how us Canadians shop on Black Friday. BFD’s data from past Black Fridays has revealed some cool differences in what Canadians from different regions look for during this famous shopping event. So, whether you’re a British Columbian wondering what’s hot in Quebec or a Torontonian who’s starting to realize that there are important parts of Canada that exist outside of the GTA, you’ll learn something new. Now, let’s get on with the show and see these shopping trends!

Ontarians are all about Smartphones

With a staggering 46% of Ontarians shopping online during Black Friday 2015, it’s safe to say that the most interest in online shopping comes from Ontario. Given the fact that this stat was from two years ago, it’s likely that the number is far higher nowadays. Back then, the most popular product category was smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (oh man, that was a while ago now) took the crown as the top product. During 2015, NCIX offered the best deals on smartphones in Canada. We’re anticipating another solid showing from them this year as well.

In Quebec, it’s all tablets, all day

26% of Quebecers shopped online on during Black Friday 2015. Not only do Quebecers have a whopping interest in online shopping, but they also have a little thing going with tablets. iPads were their favourite product in 2015. The best tablet deals came from Amazon at the time and we’re pretty sure that they’ve got even better deals lined up this year (no pressure)!

British Columbia: Super into cameras

15% of British Columbians shopped online during Black Friday 2015 and most of them headed straight for the digital camera category. There are a lot of photographers in British Columbia! Who can blame them though, it’s beautiful out there (we like to think that one of our users took the picture below). Of all the great cameras out there, the Nikon Coolpix L330 won the hearts of consumers that year, taking the crown as the most popular product. At the time, the best deals were offered by Staples. They’re now prepping up for Black Friday 2017, so be ready!

Girl walking across Capilano Suspension Bridge

Albertans love their TVs

In Alberta, 11% of the province shopped online on Black Friday. Based on what we saw, it seems like Albertans loved to watch Game of Thrones on big LCD screens. Big shocker, the most popular category there was LCD TVs. The top product was a 65″ LG LCD TV (which was one of the many great deals offered by Best Buy). Fingers crossed that they’ll do it again this year.

Manitobans go for phones

The smallest of the bunch, only 7% of Manitobans shopped online during Black Friday. Still, Manitobans loved to grab the latest gadgets! Smartphones led the way as the most popular category with the Sony Xperia Z5 taking the title as their favourite product of 2015.

Taking it a step further, we also saw a big jump in the popularity of Quebec’s Black Friday (a.k.a “Vendredi Noir”) with a 22% increase in web traffic from Quebec. Overall, the online shopping frenzy has been growing nationwide with electronics, whether that’s smartphones, Smart TVs, action cameras, or Android and Apple tablets, leading the way. Of all the shopping trends, the one to remember is that Canada loves its gadgets!