Do you want to avoid the Black Friday rush? Here’s what you need to know: you’ll see the biggest crowds on the evening of American Thanksgiving and the afternoon of Black Friday (though you’ll arguably see the craziest in the morning) in the States. Since our Thanksgiving holiday (otherwise known as “real Thanksgiving”) happens in October, there’s not a lot of motivation for Canadian retailers to begin their sales the day before Black Friday. That’s why the Black Friday crowds will likely be their largest in the morning and early evening after most of us get off work. 

The American way #USA

As times change, Black Friday sales are also not the same as they used to be. The fact that many of the major retailers in the US kick off their holiday sales on the evening of American Thanksgiving (more commonly referred to here as “Thursday”) has revolutionized the way that shoppers in the States shop. Now, the Black Friday rush starts almost half day earlier than it used to. That said, shoppers still start queuing outside of their favourite stores before sunrise on Black Friday. If you’re interested in trying your luck down south or you’re just an American who’s gotten lost, this what you need to know: Black Friday crowds are thinnest on the morning of Black Friday.

From in-store to online

If you plan to do your Black Friday shopping in the US, you should know that many American shoppers plan to visit the malls right after their Thanksgiving dinners to pick up some awesome deals on their favourite stuff. If their top store isn’t open, some shoppers lineup outside and brave the cold so that they’ll be the first to pick up some of the best deals on the morning of Black Friday.

Before you unpack all your winter gear, you should know that this concept is dying. More and more people (both American and Canadian) now prefer to do their Black Friday shopping online. It makes sense. Most stores offer free delivery, gift wrapping, and exclusive web deals for online shoppers. As an added bonus, you get to avoid the possibility of contracting frostbite. These are some pretty convincing reasons to skip the shopping mall queue and find everything you’re looking to save on online. Not to mention, online shopping gives you the chance to browse and compare deals from several stores at once. When it comes to buying laptops and smartphones, who doesn’t like to check out all the options before making a decision?

Black Friday Shopping Online

Shopping is a family affair

These days, Thursday night now marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season in the US. Many Americans argue that it eats away at family time, but, for others, shopping is just another family activity. Families who think ahead have different members target different sections of the store so that they can get their hands on everything they wanted. Generally, electronics, like iPhones, iPads, TVs, laptops, the Xbox One, and PlayStation 4s, are the hottest selling items during Black Friday sales.

Still, most of this won’t apply to those shopping here in Canada. The Black Friday rush will likely happen here in the morning and then again in the early evening after most of us get off work. Though savvy shoppers (like you) will start shopping online right as the clock hits 12:01 AM on Black Friday.