The first Black Friday in Canada happened almost a decade ago in 2008. Ever since then, Black Friday has continued to grow in the Great White North. When you compare the Black Friday of 2008 to this year’s shopping event, it looks pretty pathetic. But hey, all great things have to start somewhere. Speaking of that, how did Black Friday in Canada become such a big thing? Let’s find out.

Humble beginnings

There’s a long history of Canadians heading south to do their Black Friday shopping. Black Friday, itself, goes back much further than that. It’s generally agreed that the term “Black Friday” can be linked back to Philadelphia in the 1950s. With now more than 50 years of experience, Americans have pretty much perfected the art of creating a shopping frenzy. Who would have thought that you’d only need two things: big discounts and a limited period of time to take advantage of them. Now, getting back to Canadians. We’ve flocked to border cities like Buffalo, Seattle, and Detroit in the past, but things change. So, let’s explore the evolution of Black Friday in Canada.

The trek north

Since 2012, Canadian retailers have slowly turned the spotlight away from the States and made Canadian Black Friday “a thing.” The popularity of Black Friday in Canada has been on the rise for a while now. Google Trends has shown that our interest in “Black Friday” continues to grow with each passing year (for more than 10 straight, no less). The same trend is also pretty visible in retailers’ sales figures, which have also continued to increase.

Way, way back, Black Friday deals only lasted for a single day. Thankfully, we live in the future. Now, deals start up to one week beforehand and last all the way through to Cyber Monday. As the competition for our money intensifies, stores are constantly offering better and better deals to grab our attention. With all the sales out there, it can be time-consuming to look through them all. That’s why we’re here. If you want to see all the top sales in one spot, check out our deals section. We keep that baby updated to make sure that you’re in the know at all times. All the Black Friday deals plus a history lesson, now you can tell everyone you learned something new (and useful) today.

Here’s the history of Black Friday Canada in a (slightly outdated) nutshell:

The Evolution of Black Friday in Canada