Canadians are truly shopaholics and wait eagerly for this day, year after year with great enthusiasm, expecting to find better deals than anytime during the year. Each Black Friday yearly spike in traffic surpasses the preceding year where millions of Canadians come to Shopbot to compare prices.Shoppers are not backing away from their shopping impulses. This is reflected with Shopbot’s traffic showing the same growing trend. Here’s Shopbot official top 3 major Black Friday trends seen in Canada over the past years:

Seniors are definitely in the online scene

Online shopping is expanding each year but so is the age bracket that is shopping online. Traffic on Shopbot reveals how online shoppers of 55+ years old are also entering into the Black Friday frenzy. This new generation of shoppers is slowly changing the profile of the average Black Friday shopper from an impulsive shopper to a more calculated and well-informed shopper. With an interestingly diversification in the age groups of online shoppers on Shopbot throughout the years, retailers will soon need to adapt their marketing efforts to include this new age bracket. This was one of top 3 revealing growing Black Friday 2015 trends that will change the ecommerce market in the next few years.

Smartphones are the ultimate rulers

According to the latest Cisco Mobile forecasts, the increasing adoption of smarter devices and the move from 3G to 4G networks, are two big factors as to why smartphones are starting to rule the ecommerce landscape, thus big shopping events like Black Friday. Cisco predicts the boost in the global number of smartphone users to jump from 4.3 billion in 2014 to 5.2 billion by 2019.

Shopbot mobile users on Black Friday account for more than 31.2% of the total web traffic on this day. This is one of the highest peaks of mobile traffic of the year, along with Boxing Day. The evolution between the use of desktops and smartphones has taken different directions. Where, over the last 4 years, mobile traffic has increased by 160% while, desktop traffic has decreased by 30%.

Extended store hours for Black Friday

Shopbot has observed first-hand the tendency of shops opening their doors online and offline earlier each year. Unlike our Southern neighbours, many Shopbot shops report that since Black Friday does not fall on the Canadian Thanksgiving Day, they are more willing to shorten the countdown and start shopping earlier. Looking at Shopbot’s Data in 2015, shoppers started to get excited for this shopping season around 6PM. That’s a 6 hour early start. We predict that in 2016, we will see a whole 24 hour head start.