Best Buy Canada never fails to attract deal hunters on Black Friday by coming up with great door crashing deals – low-priced products offered in a limited quantity. People flock the stores and visit the online website every single year to grab limited deals from this electronic retail company! You can find featured products from trusted brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, HP and many others that are being offered at low prices during this holiday sale bonanza.

We will be covering all of Best Buy Deals, if you already know what you’re looking for go straight to it!

So what does Best Buy have in store for us?

Best Buy always has great deals for Black Friday – no doubt about it. But, what can we expect for this year? Well, to get some ideas on what is in store for us, let us take a look at last year’s promotions. It will give us some good indications on the upcoming offers.

Previously, the store opened its doors to Canadians at 6 a.m. on November 27. The online sale started a few hours earlier at midnight on the same day. During the sales, the retailer went all out! They offered major price cuts on tons of gadgets.  It has been reported that shoppers saved up to $750 for laptops, tablets, 4K TVs, smartphones, game consoles and cameras. Here are some of the Black Friday deals from 2015.

Best Buy Laptop Deals

Laptops are some of the popular items during Black Friday sales. Best Buy offered a handful of branded laptops last year like the MacBook, HP, Acer, and Asus. The savings were in the range of $50 and $150 per item. We predict similar price cuts from Best Buy this year for its laptop deals. To give a feel of what is in store for us this Black Friday, Best Buy has already started with amazing deals before the D-Day.

Some of the door crasher laptops from 2015 sales are:

1.      MacBook Air 13.3” Intel Core i5 Processor ($150 Discount)

It is a top-performing laptop from Apple that is well-known for its premium retina display quality, powerful processor, and long battery life. It was on sale last year at a price of $1049.99, which was a $150 cut from its original price.

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2.      HP 15.6” AMD A8 ($200 Discount)

This HP Laptop also made it to the list of sales for last year’s Black Friday. It is a touchscreen laptop that is powered by AMD A8 and packs an 8GB of RAM as well as a gigantic 1TB space of hard disk. Shoppers saved $200 with its after-saving price of $499.99.

This year’s sale has already started on some of HP Laptops!

3.      Asus 15.6” Intel Core i5 ($150 Discount)

The 15.6-inch Asus laptop was also included in the doorbuster item list last year at a price of $599.99. The laptop features the highly intuitive Windows 10, powerful Intel Core i5 processor, and an HD LED-backlit screen display.

This year’s pick for Asus in the Pre-Black Friday Deals is the ASUS X-Series 17.3″ Laptop (Intel Core i7-5500U/1TB HDD/12GB RAM) – $1,099.99 (Save: $150).

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Best Buy Tablets

Besides laptops, Best Buy tablets were also hot items during last year’s Black Friday sales. We saw a price cut off from $50 to $150 for a handful of select of tablets. We expect to see similar deals, ranging from iPads to Samsung tablets this year. Here is a sneak-peek into the deals available right now:

1.      Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ($150 Discount)

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was on a 4-day deal last year at a price of $899.99. This powerful laptop offers a huge space of 128GB and a wide, 12-inch high-definition screen.

Hot for this year is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 12.3″ 128GB Windows 10 Tablet – $1,099.99 (Save: $180)

2.      Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tablet ($50 Discount)

Most of the Samsung tablets except the models with LTE connection were put on sale during Black Friday 2015 with savings up to $150. The ultra slim and lightweight Samsung Tab S2 was one of them and it was offered at $549.99, $50 lower than the regular price.

Best Buy is already running a discount on select Samsung Tablets.

3.      Acer Iconia One 7 Tablet ($30 Discount)

This model was one of the door crasher items for last year. With a saving of $30, the seven-inch Acer Iconia One 7 Tablet was offered at an irresistible price of $79.99. The upgraded 10-inch version was also available at $149 ($80 of savings).

Keep a check on the price for the Acer Iconia One.
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Best Buy TVs

With a wide range of high-spec TVs available these days, it comes as no surprise that Best Buy Canada offered tons of TV deals during the holiday sales last year. Curved TVs, 4K TVs, OLED TVs, and Plasma TVs were listed on their 2015 brochure at bargained prices. Some of the previous TV deals are:

1.      Samsung 65” 4K UHD Tizen Smart LED TV ($750 Discount)

At a discount of about 27%, the Samsung 65” 4K UHD Tizen Smart LED TV was available for only $1999.99. Shoppers saved about $750 and we predict that the store will once again offer similar discounts for its range of televisions.

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2.      LG 65” 4K WebOS 2.0 Smart LED TV ($700 Discount)

This is also one of the biggest discounts offered by the retail store last year. The LG 65” 4K WebOS 2.0 Smart LED TV was hunted by many shoppers due to the major price cut of $700! It was a premium doorbuster item that was on sale for only $1799.99.

3.      Samsung 55” 4K Tizen Smart LED TV ($400 Discount)

The next big hit is the 55” 4K Tizen LED TV from Samsung. The LED-backlit television offers a smart functionality at a high 4K screen resolution. The original price of about $1600 was cut down to only $1199.99 during the sales last year.

4.      Samsung 40” 1080P Smart LED TV ($74 Discount)

Best Buy Canada also offered a great selection of mid-range televisions to the Canadians during the sales. One of them was the smart and full HD Samsung 40” 1080p TV. Shoppers saved $74 with this model at a sale price of only $399.99.

Best Buy is offering some great offers on TV’s already and it will just get better from here!

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Best Buy Smartphones

Last year, Best Buy Canada coupled their smartphones with interesting freebies and gift cards. For example, they gave away Asus 11.6” Chromebook for free with a purchase of selected LG and HTC smartphones that were priced at $229.99.
They also provided a free $50 gift card for a 2-year plan subscription of Fido and Rogers for LG and Nexus smartphones. Some of the smartphones that saw major price cuts during Best Buy’s Black Friday 2015 sales are:

1.      iPhone 6s 16GB/64GB ($100 Discount)

iPhone 6s 16GB was on sale last year for $299.99. The 64GB was also available for $429.99, which was $100 cheaper than the original price of $529.

Here are the top plans available at Best Buy right now:

2.      iPhone 5s 16GB Smartphone ($130 Discount)

iPhone 5s was bundled together with a $50 gift card and was made available for free if the shoppers selected the 2-year subscription plan with Rogers or Bell. Yes, you read it correctly – for free compared to the normal price of $129.99!

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3.      Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32GB Smartphone ($150 Discount)

There were also some great deals for the Android smartphone fans during last year’s sales. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32GB smartphone was offered at $199.99, which was $150 cheaper than the regular price. The offer came together with a 2-year plan.

4.      Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB Smartphone ($200 Discount)

The store included this Android smartphone in their Black Friday sales last year by offering up to $200 of savings! The smartphone was on sale for only $49.99 and just like Note 5, Galaxy S6 also came with a bundle of 2-year subscription.

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The Early – Black Friday Sale

In the meantime to give you all shopping practice, Best Buy is running a Pre-Black Friday sale on Appliances. And to make sure you get the feel of Black Friday, they have a huge range of products and some amazing prices!

If Best Buy sticks to their traditions of offering good deals during Black Friday sales, it is very likely for us to see similar discount rates this year or even better looking at the banner on their deal pages, Have a look for yourself:

Would you like to shop in your pyjamas from your couch? Get ready to enjoy a huge deal frenzy this year! Warm up your computer on November 24th at 11.59pm ET in order to be the first to enjoy the best deals of the year!

If you are into the tradition of shopping in-store, make sure you wake up early on November 25th and queue in front of any Best Buy doorsteps all across Canada to participate in this festive shopping event!

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