You are surely familiar by now with Black Friday, the day when most retailers in the United States and not only are featuring massive discounts on electronics and other products, but it’s time to shed light on Amazon Prime Day, as well.

Although the two events have similar points, they’re also quite different, and Shopbot aims to reveal the key aspects of Amazon Prime Day, the new craze of online shopping sprees. So, after many requests we know you want to make sure the Prime Day is really worth it.

So, what makes Amazon Prime Day similar to Black Friday?

To put it shortly, the two events have one big thing in common: massive discounts on a wide range of products. It’s not uncommon to discover discounts that go beyond the 50% range, but there are catches… most of the time, electronics are kept in a lower discount range.

Aside from this, you need to move fast if you want to grab the item you’ve been following for a while, because the “out of stock” message can pop up even mere minutes after the clock starts ticking. We also noticed that Prime Day seems to grow at a faster rate, as the 2016 edition was far more significant than the 2015 one. Just one year from its launch, Amazon’s main shopping spree is following side-by-side Black Friday.


What are the differences between Prime Day and Black Friday?

Prime Day is a unique event which is completely restricted for Prime members only, having exclusive access to big featured discounts; although it seems counterintuitive, the Prime Day was actually much larger than expected, especially given this “premium-only” status.

We analyzed available data, and discovered that this year’s Prime Day was the biggest day Amazon has ever seen including last year Black Friday; sales went up by 60% compared to the 2015 Prime Day solely. Another difference between the two events is the staggered delay in live deals throughout the day. Instead of having all the sales start at the same time, they were delayed to key moments of the day. This can be a good practice to prevent servers going down due to its growing popularity.

How to enjoy Amazon Prime Day for free?

We’ve already mentioned the Prime Day is an event tailored to Amazon Prime members, but this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the discounts, as well. The obvious question is “how?” Shopbot encourages you to create an Amazon Prime account next time the shopping spree is getting close, because the first month is free! 

How massive were the Prime Day discounts?

The Prime Day event of 2016 brought to Prime users significantly more discounts than the previous year, leading to more sales. TVs were discounted by up to 40%, and this included the latest-gen 4K panels, whereas select Vans shoes had their prices sliced by half. Pet supplies, argan oil, Android tablets, toothbrushes, sunglasses, all of these were part of the discount saga, and they are just the tip of the iceberg.

Is it worth it?

For some, the need of a premium account on Amazon felt too much of a commitment in order to access the Prime Day deals. However, we’ve got you covered here; sign up for the trial and you can check out the Prime Day offer just as a regular user.

You might actually end up becoming a loyal Prime customer, given the advantages of Amazon offers. From the free two-day shipping, flash sales all year long, to the recent Prime Now app that guarantees delivery under 2 hours, and these are just some of the special features a Premium subscription brings to your account. So, don’t let the exclusivity of being a Premium event scare you. But remember the free trial is a one-time offer. So choose wisely when to sign up and prepare yourself for Prime Day 2017!