It’s the only beginning of November but you’re already able to find Amazon Canada Pre-Black Friday deals online. Maybe it’s a bit early given that Black Friday is still almost a month away but, hey, a sale is a sale. It doesn’t look like Amazon is messing around this year. They’ve got over 2,000 deals in dozens of different categories. Keep in mind, this the Amazon Canada pre-Black Friday sale. Obviously, that means their real Black Friday sale is going to be pretty interesting.

Because it’s Amazon, you’ve got a lot of deals to choose from. They’ve got some interesting discounts on computers, video games, clothes, toys, TVs, and products from a ton of other categories that I won’t be able to list without losing your attention.

They’re claiming that they’ll offer more deals than ever (we’ll have to see if that ends up being true) over 50 days (this, I can believe). I’d like to list some of the best deals for you but the reality is that the offers are going to be changing almost every day (or every hour) so my list will become fairly useless by as early as tomorrow. So, instead, I’ll give you a few handy links to send you in the right direction:

There you are! Just remember that there will be even more (and probably better) deals closer to Black Friday, so don’t blow through your whole budget on these pre-Black Friday deals.

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