It’s the time of year you’ve all been waiting for. No, not Christmas. No, not your birthday. No, not Thanksgiving. Well, actually, it is Thanksgiving, but that’s not the point. Black Friday is nearly upon us! Each year Amazon slashes its prices on selected items allowing us all to gorge ourselves on hundreds of dollars worth of savings. Tablets, laptops, TVs, a good pen (okay that one might just be me) – all available at a massive discount for one day only, until stocks last. There’s nothing sadder than seeing an amazing deal pass you by, so let’s put our reporter’s hat on (I actually own one, but yours can be figurative), and list the most reliable Amazon 2015 rumours and predictions doing the rounds.

But before we begin…

No Ads, But You Can Predict

Amazon doesn’t advertise its sales in advance. Nor does it stick to discounts for just one day. In fact last year Amazon announced Black Friday Deals Week, which provided shoppers with an entire week of unbelievable savings. So, it’s no surprise that they’re doing it again this year.

That’s right, Amazon Canada is already at it, and has launched their deals a week early. Each deal runs for a specific amount of time. Head over there to check them out. Not right now though, okay? After you’ve finished this article. If you leave then you’ll miss out on our predictions. After all, the best deals will still only appear on Black Friday itself.

And how will we predict without Amazon telling us? By looking at previous years, that’s how.

60% Discount on Selected Video Games

This is a rumour that won’t quit. Video games are expensive enough as at is, and many parents will find them on their kids’ “must have list” (Read: Santa’s list). That’s what makes Black Friday so special. You can get these sorts of deals well in advance and save a fortune on Christmas presents. As reported by Forbes in 2014, Amazon and other online retailers had a great offering of video game discounts, and there’s no doubt 2015 will follow this trend. If you’re thinking of buying a new video game, then keep an eye on Black Friday Week and you might find a great deal.

40% – 75% Off Home, Kitchen and Tools

Black Friday isn’t just about electronic goods. Last year, Amazon Canada launched a number of amazing discounts for the home and DIY markets. This included 57% off of Cuisinart Classic Stainless Steel Knives, and 73% off of a Porter Cable Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit. This is likely to continue this year, so if you’re looking for bargains on tools for that garage door you keep saying you’re going to fix, or some kitchen utensils to add some flair into your home-cooked meals, then Black Friday is a great way to make savings.

32 Inch HDTV for $70, 40 Inch HDTV for $100

When people think of Black Friday, they probably think about the savings they can make on a TV, and there’s a reason for that – it’s one of Amazon’s most impressive offerings during sales. In 2014 Amazon listed a 32 Inch LED for $79 and a 40 inch LED TV for just $119. We fully expect Amazon to at least equal these offers, if not increase savings further by $10 – $20. It sounds crazy, but a 32 Inch HDTV for less than $79 is a distinct possibility. I’ll not eat my hat if I’m wrong, but I will wear a silly one and post a picture of it on Twitter if this doesn’t happen.

I Predict Savings During Black Friday

Okay, it’s a joke heading, but my point is this: there will be items you need/want at cheaper rates than normal and it would be crazy to miss out on saving you and your family some much needed cash during Black Friday. You don’t need to be a zealot shopper either. Camping outside stores on Black Friday is so 2013. You can do it all from the comfort of your home with a simple click of a button. If you heed these predictions, then it will give you an edge to get those discounts before they’re gone.

Just remember one thing:

If you’re not fast, you’re last.