We love shopping, don’t get us wrong. But, we’re also honest with ourselves. The truth is that shopping isn’t always the most peaceful experience. Crowded, hot stores filled with tons of noisy people, it’s not exactly many people’s dream. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has been brought to the brink of a nervous breakdown during a shopping trip. While full of awesome sales, Black Friday is also known for some of the worst shopping experiences you’ll ever hear about. That’s why we’ve daydreamed up five shopping inventions that should exist (but for some crazy reason, don’t) to make Black Friday shopping just a little bit easier. Who’s knows, maybe we’ll give you some inspiration to design a new product that will make our lives better.

1. A smart shopping cart that keeps you on budget

Picture this: you’re out on Black Friday debating if you should take one or two jumbo packs of cat litter. Yes, you don’t own cat, but it’s 75% off so you’re seriously considering it. As you put a bag into your cart, the cart decides that it has to say something. After listening to a lecture about money management from shopping cart Siri, you put the kitty litter back on the shelf and continue on to find the stuff that you’re actually looking for. Crisis averted.

2. A bouncer who keeps people polite

People can be annoying, especially during the pressure-filled environment of Black Friday. Between undecided shoppers who take their sweet time and those who seem to lose their minds at the sight of so many deals, people can get rude. Another one of the shopping inventions that we can only dream of is a bouncer that makes sure that everyone plays nice with one another. That would make for some seriously stress-free shopping.

3. Children who enjoy shopping

For the parents out there, how nice would it be if the kids could just keep it together after entering a shopping mall? Between the constant complaints of boredom or tiredness, super frequent bathroom breaks, getting hungry, and occasional temper tantrum, it would be great if we could just have 60 minutes to get all the shopping done and go home. Way easier said than done. We’re testing different methods right now to keep them from hating the mall (the Nintendo Switch and some tablets have worked pretty well so far) but we’ve got a long way to go. We know it’s worth digging into though because most kids seem to turn into tiny devils when they’re taken shopping (except for the little guy right below).

4. Bad karma for line cutters

You’ve been waiting in line for 45 minutes. Then, you see it about 10 feet in front of you. You can’t believe it. Someone cut into the line to get ahead of you. We’re all good people here, but we’ve all said some not-so-nice things about those line cutters in our heads. It’s not fair. We’d love some kind of bad karma machine to even the score. Instantly, if possible.

5. A personal bag assistant

We always tell ourselves that we’ll only get the stuff that we really need. Let’s be honest here, that almost never happens. At the end of our mini shopping spree, we’ll be stuck with at least five bags full of stuff. All we want is to have a personal assistant that will grab our bags and walk them to the car for us. It’s one of our least complicated shopping inventions, but it would sure be useful. Good news though, if you’ve been dealing with your kids during your shopping trip, they’re about to come in handy.